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Sunrise Manor

Need to Sell A Sunrise Manor Fast? Get A Cash offer in Under 48 Hours from Nevada Cash Offer

Selling a Sunrise Manor house with defects can be difficult — no matter how small it is. Not to mention the grueling wait to receive an offer that isn’t lowballing.   

Fortunately, with Nevada Cash Offer, selling your house as-is has never been easier. 

We buy houses in Sunrise Manor within 1-3 weeks and pay 100% cash from our coffers. We’ll buy your house if it’s abandoned, old, or structurally damaged with roofing or even foundation issues. 

Are you looking to sell your rental property to delinquent tenants?  We’ll take it off your hands. Do you need quick cash to escape a foreclosure? We’ll buy your house fast. Need to sell but move out later? We’ll set a workable closing date for both ourselves.  

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Cash Buyers in Sunrise Manor You Can Trust 

Over the years, we’ve provided solutions for dozens of homeowners in Sunrise Manor who can’t sell their houses as fast as they’d like. 

We always deliver on our cash offers because we never seek funding from banks or mortgage lenders. And we don’t sell your purchase contracts to fund the sale. We have our legitimate cash providers who’ll never propose an offer they can’t afford. 

Your house is probably your most prized asset. We don’t expect you to give it up without a deed transfer process (closing) that you can trust. We use a select local title company or work with your recommendation. 

Unlike most cash buyers, we’re responsive and ready to spill necessary information to ease your mind. You’ll meet our hardworking CEO, Gagan Saini, on the other end of the line when you call us. We are always available during business hours, and sometimes, on the weekends too. We still find time to spend with family and friends. 

Finally, we believe honesty and integrity are the values that keep us in business. We intend to do the same for you.   

Sell Your Sunrise Manor House As Is — No Repairs, Cleaning, or Contingencies 

We value houses in deplorable conditions more than move-in-ready houses. So when you want to sell your house, don’t let the cracks, garbage, or warped floors worry you. 

As real estate property investors, we’re going to fix and update the house anyways. We help you take prepping off your to-do list before selling — including stress, time, and money. 

Instead, Nevada Cash Offer will send you a fair cash offer worth your while within days. And we promise close in a matter of 7 days to 3 weeks. 

Surely, we’ll buy your house at a discount, covering the cost of repairs and a small percentage of profit. 

We buy houses in any condition

  • Foreclosure. 
  • Sell with flood damage. 
  • Sell fast to handle divorce settlement. 
  • Destroyed by natural disaster.
  • Outdated house.
  • Get out of a pesky neighborhood fast. 
  • Handle a life situation — debt settlement or job relocation.

Leave your house to us and relax while we get your cash in your hands.  

Sell Your Sunrise Manor House to Nevada Cash Offer and Escape Foreclosure

Going through foreclosure might be the most stressful period of your life.

Perhaps you can no longer make mortgage payments due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Be calm. 

We are ready to take your distressed property out of your hands and assist you as you move on with your life. 

We don’t mind if your house is in move-in condition or needs repairs to be livable. We will talk to your about your options, visit, and make our no-obligation cash offer. 

In as little as 2-3 weeks, you’ll have cash in your hands to pay off what you owe on the mortgage. Remember, you don’t have to hire a real estate agent, giving you more to take home — no commissions or charges. 

It may not be the highest offer you’ll find if you sell to an agent, but you’ll sell faster. Speed is what you need during this crucial period. 

Get Your Cash Offer Now

We Buy Sunrise Manor Houses Faster Than Real Estate Agents

Sometimes, selling your house fast is the priority, other than at a competitive price above market value. 

Well, that’s our specialty at Nevada Cash Offer. We can buy Sunrise Manor houses within 7-28 days for cash. However, agents need about a month or several more to sell a good house in Sunrise Manor, not to mention one with faults. 

So when we buy your house, we don’t require you to make any repairs or even pick up trash belongings. We’ll still send you a cash offer so you can bypass prepping the house, saving you up to a month of work. 

We don’t charge a commission on the sale to avoid rifts and keep more cash in your pocket. But Sunrise Manor real estate agents charge up to 1-6% commission. Payment for our service comes when we renovate and resell the property. 

Combined with a fast sale and no charges, we can close when it’s comfortable for you. We usually allow a grace period of 30 days after closing the deal to allow you to move out at your own pace. 

Ultimately, Nevada Cash Offer is your fastest Sunrise Manor cash buyer if you’re concerned about speed. 

Save 70 Days When You Sell Your North Las Vegas House To Us For Cash

It takes about 30 days to sell the hottest houses in Sunrise Manor from the listing to closing. Those with any defects and high listing price may take up to 6 months to 1 year — or never sell. 

Traditional buyers either ask for contingencies that the seller can’t afford. Or their lender declines to fund after the home inspection and appraisal bring damages to light. If that happens, you’re back where you started — listing the house.

What if you could go around all these issues and head straight to closing. You can when you contact a trusted cash buyer like Nevada Cash Offer. We don’t take inspection out of the picture for our own safety, but it’s relatively brief. 

At first contact, we can prepare a cash offer for your home within 48 hours. In that time, we’d talk about any repairs your house needs and set a date for the visitation. 

The visitation will confirm our building analysis to send a fair cash offer. We will deduct the cost of repairs and the risk we’re taking on the house from its market value. You can expect to sell 20%-30% below market value. 

If you agree to the deal, we’ll inform our title company to prepare for closing. 

At this point, you can choose a closing date while we work on putting money in your bank account. The whole process may take anywhere from 7 days to over 20 days, depending on the clarity of your title documents. 

Ultimately, you would sell your Sunrise Manor house in less than a month.  

Get Your Cash Offer 

We Use A Proven 3-Step Process to Sell 3x Faster

It’s not an aggressive sales tactic when we promise to buy your house in Sunrise Manor for cash within 2-4 weeks. 

We have a solid, fail-proof system to help us send quick offers and get cash in your hands without fussing around. We don’t have to run around to fund our offer. 

And our team works tirelessly and responsively with you from the first call to the day of closing. 

The Nevada Cash Offer 3-Step process is simple: 

  • Contact Us 
  • Receive Cash Offer 
  • Get Cash 

With these three steps, you can sell your house with

Why You Should Sell Your Sunrise Manor House to Us 

Fair Cash Offer

Our aim is to enter a win-win transaction with you, which starts with our cash offer. Our cash offers evaluate the current market value, cost of repairs, and a token to cover our risks. Fair enough? 

See how we calculate our cash offers here.

Close in Days 

Trying to sell your house the fastest way possible? We can buy your house in a little over 1-2 weeks.

Sell Without Stress

We are a legitimate cash buyer that pays cash for houses, not a wholesaler or contract flipper. We never make last-minute adjustments to our offers or back out unexpectedly. What you see is what you get. 

Sell As-Is

Sell your Sunrise Manor house without spending a fortune or wasting time on repairs. We’ll buy your house in any condition at a competitive price. 

No Realtor Fees or Closing Costs

We are property investors, not real estate agents. We don’t charge you a dime for our services, and we handle the closing costs. This saves you up to 10% on charges alone, not to mention repair costs. 

Transparent Service 

We are a hardworking team that prides itself on expert service and integrity. We’ll cater to your needs from the offer to closing in a timely fashion. Most importantly, we’ll provide the details you need to decide about us when you call.    

About Sunrise Manor 

Sunrise Manor has a history that stems from a fight for independence. It started in 1957 when North Las Vegas opened up a plan to annex the area. 

However, the Clark County Commission wouldn’t have it. So they created the unincorporated town of Sunrise Manor in May of the same year. 

The land area of the town mainly consisted of its present-day northern boundary. But it expanded in 1980 when another CDP, Vegas Creek, was dissolved and incorporated into Sunrise Manor. 

Now, the town is home to over 200,000 residents as of 2020, making it one of the largest towns in Nevada. Some residents even proposed to make the town city in 2018, sighting a need to fight drugs and crime but were rejected.   

Fun Facts About Sunrise Manor

Census Designated Place 

Sunrise Manor is one of the largest census-designated places in Nevada. In other words, it’s an unincorporated town, not a city, despite having over 200,000 residents. 

Mormon Church 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, aka Mormon Church, has its 43rd operating temple and the only one in Nevada, located in Sunrise Manor. It’s called the Las Vegas Nevada Temple.

Top Places to Visit in Sunrise Manor

East Fremont Street 

After the world-renowned Las Vegas Strip, Fremont Street is the most famous street in Las Vegas. Like the Strip, it’s lit with neon lights from its many casinos and hotels at night.

Surprisingly, the iconic street has starred in television shows and movies as the location that depicts the glittery lights of Vegas — ahead of the Strip! 

Aside from the gambling scene, Fremont Street is certainly the top place in Sunrise Manor to enjoy the nightlife. 

Sam’s Town Las Vegas

Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling is one of the favorite fun spots in Sunrise Manor. It’s located on the corner of Flamingo Road and Boulder Highway. 

Sam’s Town is more than just a hotel. It offers a movie theatre, bowling alley, restaurants, and one of the largest casino floors in Las Vegas.  

You can also experience its 20,000 indoor square foot park, Mystic Falls. It’s a 10-story atrium with live trees and cobblestone floors that comes to life with laser lights and water shows. 

Las Vegas Nevada Temple

Leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints dedicated this temple in 1984. The scenic church is located at the foot of Frenchman Mountain. Visitors profess the beauty of the building and feel the Holy Spirit on its grounds. 

Holywood Aquatic Center 

If you’re looking for a quiet and serene pool to do laps, visit the Hollywood Aquatic Center. The Hollywood Center has indoor and outdoor pools with a friendly maintenance and lifeguard crew.

It has a 10-lane competition-sized indoor pool, outdoor activity pool, water slides, and interactive play equipment. 

Sell Your Sunrise Manor House for Cash 

Ready to sell your house fast in Sunrise Manor? 

You can sell your house in less than a month if you contact us today. We’ll respond quickly and prepare a cash offer within 48 hours. 

Worried your house is “not saleable”? 

Leave that to us to worry about. We’re eager to buy houses in even old, dilapidated houses, so we’ll consider yours. 

An appointment with us is free, and we don’t charge commissions or closing costs to sell your Sunrise Manor house. 

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We Buy Houses Everywhere in Sunrise Manor  

We buy houses in all Sunrise City neighborhoods like Craig Park, State Streets, Winterwood, South Cristy, PBS, Wexford Village North, Lake Mead Court, Americana, Montebello, Marion Lake Mead, Yorkshire Heights, Hollywood Vista, Walnut Glen, Hollywood Hills, Northpointe, Colton Plaza, Craig Park, North Highland, Walnut Ridge South, Tierra Messa, Panorama, Casa Loma, Fernwood, Sorrell, Mountain View, Sunrise Trailer Park, White Cliffs South and more. 

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