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How Our Home Buying Process Works

We Buy Your House in Four Easy Steps

Contact us with details of your property
We set an appointment and communicate the specifics to you
Get a favorable cash offer after inspection
Closing at a local title company in 7 days or at your convenience

We buy houses in any situation or any condition

  • Home in need of major repairs
  • House facing foreclosure
  • House with title flaws
  • Fire Damaged Houses
  • Flood Damaged Houses
  • House that requires a quick sale
  • Unwanted inherited property
  • Home under divorce settlement
  • Houses with Tax Liens
  • Home with little to no equity
  • Vacant properties


Estimated Time frame For Transactions

Offer: Once you submit your property details, it is custom that we make a fair all-cash offer to you in the space of 24 hours. Since we are fully operational in the Nevada area, we can ascertain the value of the property and our interest in it within that time frame.

Closing: It usually takes 7-30 days to close, once you’ve accepted our offer. On rare occasion, transactions might take longer, but that is always when the title company finds issues that must be fixed. Please rest assured that you have absolutely nothing to worry about if this happens. We are simply making sure the title to the house is clean and transferable. As an added bonus, we can even arrange for the closing to occur on a date of your choosing.

Selling Your House With Us Is Easy and Fast

Nevada Cash Offer specializes in the buying and flipping of rundown houses. We make cash offers on houses in cities across Nevada and other US states. Due to our creditworthiness, we are ever ready to make cash payments. And our operations run smoothly and deals are often closed in one to three weeks.

Unlike realtors, we do not charge fees or commissions. Rather than take money from you, we pay your house’s worth and bear all costs incurred. Please note that you are under no obligation to accept our offer. Our goal is for you to smile all through the sale – not back you into a corner.

Once you are comfortable with our offer, we immediately take on the burden of the property. We set to finish the rest of the transaction while keeping you informed of our progress. In one to three weeks, we close the deal, leave your cash in your hand, and you put your keys in ours.

We are always available to answer any questions you have about our process or how we calculate our offers. Please call us and we would be happy to help. If you prefer, we have some frequently asked questions (and their corresponding answers) for your convenience.


Sold To Nevada Cash Offer vs. Listing With a Realtor

While Nevada remains a property hub with an increasing seller’s advantage, there’s no guarantee that an agent will find you a buyer at the snap of your fingers. Even if you do find an instant buyer, you get less than the value of your property whilst bearing the burden of the agent’s fee.

Nevada Cash Offer seeks to eliminate the age-long difficulties associated with selling property. We offer you cash for your property’s worth in its exact condition. We’d understand if you won’t take our word for it. But we ask that you take an intelligent look at your options. Here’s a comparison of what the best real agents can offer you alongside what you stand to gain with Nevada Cash Offer. Sell your house fast in Nevada today!


Selling Through An Agent Sold To Nevada Cash Offer
Agent Fees/ Commission 5% – 10% commission None Required
Closing Costs 2% -6% of the final purchase price, to be financed by the seller None – We bear all cost
Inspections & Contingencies* Yes, agent influenced sales sometimes fall through None
Property Appraisal Yes, sales are often dependent on valuation Our interest in the property is not subject to appraisal
Average Days Until Sale +/- 91 Days INSTANT CASH OFFER
Estimated Number Of Showings Determined by the Agent & Buyer 1
Closing Date 30-60 +/- days after accepting the buyer’s offer 7 days – 3 weeks (Subject To Your Convenience)
Required Renovations/Repairs Negotiated During Property Inspection & Appraisal None – We Are Responsible For Repairs & Renovations

Finalize the Sale of Your Home Quickly

At Nevada Cash Offer, we eliminate the difficulties associated with selling a property. Deals are finalized on time, and we rid you of the burden of utility bills. On the other hand, listing your property with an agent does not offer as much ease as we do. Firstly, you have to wait for at least 90 days to close the deal. While you wait to close the deal, you still have a financial obligation to hold and manage the property.

No Repairs, Cleanups Or Staging Required

We don’t give a hoot about the state of your house. We love a challenging property, and we are sure to make an offer even in reasonably vulnerable conditions. Yours is to sell the property to us in its current form. And ours is to make you a mind-blowing offer.

We Pay All Costs!!!

As a full-service professional home buyer here in Nevada, we pride ourselves on making sales easy for our clients. We offer you what you get (of course, this excludes any mortgage payoff or other encumbrances on the property). We are responsible for all closing costs. Pretty impressive, eh? When you add up the time saved by working with Nevada Cash Offer, the hassle-free experience, and money saved on commissions, fees, and holding costs incurred, selling to a professional house buyer like Nevada Cash Offer remains the best viable option for most homeowners.

Find Out How Much We Can Offer On Your House Today

Please fill out the short form below to know how much we can offer on your property. Or, give us a call at (725) 777-5585, and let’s have a chat! The Nevada Cash Offer selling process is simple. You also have the luxury of closing sales on a day of your choice. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting an offer from us. However, relying on a real estate agent to sell your property would cost thousands.