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We Buy Houses in Enterprise Fast

Do you want to sell your Enterprise house fast? Does your house have defects that prevent you from receiving offers? Do you want to sell fast without making repairs? 

We buy houses in Enterprise with physical or legal issues with cash and in a timely fashion. We’ll close the deal on your house in less than a month. The best part is — we don’t request contingencies, and you don’t have to pay a dollar out of pocket for our services. We buy ugly, foreclosed houses in Enterprise faster than any other outlet. We pay cash for all houses without requesting contingencies. 

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Enterprise Nevada Cash Buyers You Can Trust 

We are a national cash buyer whose owners have a wealth of business experience with over millions in cash waiting to buy houses in Nevada. Our cash offers help Enterprise, NV homeowners who want to sell a house in need of repairs or need to sell fast. We have a reliable source of funds to pay for any offers we make. 

We don’t only buy houses in any condition, but we work with you on a preferable closing date. That’s if you find our transaction too fast-paced for your schedule. We buy Nevada houses with a simple process that takes the pressure off you. We’ll only send an offer if you ask for one, and you are free to turn it down if it’s not satisfactory. 

Fortunately, we pride ourselves on sending a fair cash offer worth considering to Enterprise home. We only deduct the cost of repairs and our profit from the market value of your house. We have a responsive team that’s always ready to ease your mind. Call us at (725) 777-5585 with any questions about selling your house in Enterprise today

Why Enterprise Homeowners Contact Us 

We are experts in selling problematic properties in Enterprise. And we use a simple formula that makes us propose win-win offers to homeowners in Enterprise. First, we conduct a market analysis to help us ascertain the value of your home. We carry out this action using the recent sale prices of similar houses in your area. With this data, we can make a competitive bid on any house in Enterprise. What that does for us is help us buy your house without any issues or feeling of being cheated. 

That’s why Enterprise homeowners going through these situations contact us: 

  • Midlife crisis. 
  • Bad rental property. 
  • Financial complications. 
  • Damaged building.  

Contact us today

Lifestyle Change 

Nobody likes it, but some events may force you to sell your house as quickly as possible.  For instance, you may sell your house and split the proceeds with your partner to avoid a legal dispute. It could also be you’ve just got a job outside Enterprise and need to move out quickly. We’ll buy your house fast as is to provide a down payment on your next home or to honor a job transfer. We not only buy Enterprise houses fast but also close at your date of choice. Whatever your reason to sell, we’ll create a tailored solution to your needs. 

Other lifestyle reasons people contact us for include: 

  • Military transfer. 
  • Downsizing from a big house to a smaller one.
  • Retirement planning.

Stressful Rental Property

A rental property is a business and can become frustrating. Tenants may stop paying service charges or damage your property. Perhaps you have become jaded with managing the property over the years. 

We can buy your rental property and assume management immediately. Don’t worry about evicting delinquent tenants or running the property’s day-to-day. We’ll handle all of that. We help landlords take the rental property off their hands if it has become a burden. Call us now if you’re looking to sell your rental property in Enterprise, Nevada. 

Financial Complications

Being in a financial rut may warrant homeowners to their house. It’s nothing to be ashamed of but rather something to be handled with tact and speed. Listing your house on the open market might be a mistake in such tough times. For one, you’ll not have the time to prep the house to maximize its value. Aside from taking too long to sell, you may get stuck with a lowball offer or start looking for new offers. Meanwhile, we buy houses as-is and as fast as 2-3 weeks. So, if you’ve entered a huge tax debt or need to foot a medical bill, we can send you a cash offer to handle the situation.  

We also help homeowners looking to sell in these financial situations: 

  • Foreclosure. 
  • Retirement. 
  • Home with no equity. 

Outdated or Dilapidated 

Is your home riddled with costly damages? We understand it may cost a fortune to repair or you can’t spare the energy and time for such a project.

The only issue is: selling an outdated property on the MLS is time-consuming or unprofitable. Buyers, more often than not, will ask for contingencies that require you to fix the house before they can buy. And some simply back out after the home inspection process.

We can send you a fair cash offer without contingencies in less than 48 hours. However, we’ll deduct the cost of repairs and a small percentage to cover our risks, from what your home’s estimated after repair value (ARV). 

We buy houses with issues such as:

  • Leaky roof
  • Faulty electrical system
  • Damaged HVAC   
  • Flood or fire damage 

Selling Your Enterprise With Us Vs. Real Estate Agents 

We’d be fooling ourselves if we said you wouldn’t get higher offers selling with a real estate agent. And so, if you have a move-in-ready house and can wait to sell in a few months, an agent is your best choice. 

We offer something different…

We buy Enterprise houses with cash within 7 days to 3 weeks. We will take your house off your hands ASAP, even if it’s in critical condition. And don’t worry about repairs because we don’t attach contingencies to our cash offers. Indeed, we are more interested in fixing up your house. 

Unlike real estate agents, you won’t take a chunk out of your proceeds as a commission. We don’t charge any fees to send a cash offer, in fact, we pay the closing costs. Aside from a fast sale and affordability, we give you the chance to close at your preferred date. 

How You Can Save Up to 70 Days When You Sell Your Enterprise House for Cash 

It takes more than 90 days to sell the average home in Enterprise. But even longer if you’re are selling a house with damages or without sprucing it up for sale. With Nevada Cash Offer, though, you can save up to 70 days or more when you sell us your Enterprise house. And the process is simple. 

First, you need to contact us to request a cash offer. You can call us at (725) 777-5585 or fill out the contact form with your property details, and we’ll respond promptly. Usually, it takes us about 8 minutes to send you a cash offer, but within 48 hours in case of delay. When you contact us, be ready with clear pictures of your house, showing its present condition. This way, we can send you an offer as fast as we promise.

You’re probably wondering, “How much am I getting for my house?” And it’s best not to delay your answer further. As soon as we both agree on a value for the house, we calculate repair costs, transaction costs, and profit. This could sum up to 35% of your home’s value in mint condition (After repair value). In other words, you’ll get about 70% of what your home’s worth after repairs. 

Once you accept the cash offer, we can head straight to closing. We’ll collect necessary documents like the purchase agreement for the title company — tell us any deed issues at this point to avoid delays. Without title issues at closing, we can buy your Enterprise in as little as 7 days. But it takes 14 to 28 days tops, even if we had to address any issues. Ultimately, that’s more than 70 days faster than the average time it takes to sell a house. 

Request a free cash offer today and save 70 Days selling your Enterprise house to Nevada Cash Offer.

Our Reliable 3-Step Process to Sell 3x Faster

The Nevada Cash Offer buying process is hassle-free, plain, and simple. Basically, we send you a cash offer with zero contingencies, commission, or hidden charges. 

Here’s our 3-step process to help you sell 3x faster: 

  1. Contact us — fill out our contact form or call (725) 777-5585 to get in touch with us.
  2. Receive Cash Offer — Once we receive details and clear images of your house, we can evaluate its condition to prepare a reasonable offer.  
  3. Get Cash — After evaluating the property, we’ll call you to understand the situation and use that information to prepare a fair, no-obligation cash offer.  

Benefits of Selling Your Enterprise House to Nevada Cash Offer For Cash 

Fast Transaction 

Once you accept our offer, you can have the money in your bank account within 7 days. Realistically, it takes an average of 3-30 days to sell an Enterprise house to Nevada Cash Offer.

Sell for Cash without Stress

With Nevada Cash Offer, you can sell a house without the fear of the buyer backing out at the last minute. We don’t pawn your purchase agreement to the highest bidder before we fund our cash offer. We are property investors, not wholesalers or contract flippers. 

Sell As-Is

A great deal about selling to us is that we’ll buy your house no matter its present condition. We buy houses begging for structural repairs or a professional cleanup crew. We even buy Enterprise houses with code violations, bad tenants, or liens. 

Skip Fees

Sell to us for cash and you won’t have to pay agent’s commission, seller concessions, or closing costs. We don’t charge you separately for our swift payment but include a percentage of transaction costs in our offer.  


We keep you updated during every phase of the transaction. Also, you can decide to use our retainer title company or one of your choice.  

About Enterprise 

Enterprise is an unincorporated town in Clark County, Nevada, with over 170,000 residents and 46.52 square miles of landmass. It’s rated #2 in Best Suburbs to Raise A Family in the Las Vegas area. Although densely populated, more than half the residents own their houses. And they’ve been able to keep a suburban feel with decisions such as rejecting a highway passage in the neighborhood. 

Present-day Enterprise was first known as Arden, a town established for railroad workers in 1905. It was part of Lincoln County until 1909 when Clark County branched out. 

The earliest reference to “Enterprise” was in 1918 when county commissioners formed an Enterprise School District. It’s said that the name was intended to be positive-sounding. 

Anyway, Enterprise wasn’t formed officially until 1996 in response to a petition by residents to stop an annexation attempt by Henderson. They wanted to preserve their semi-rural lifestyle by preventing highway construction in the densely populated section 36. But had to give up then undeveloped sections 26 and 34 (known today as St. Rose Parkway).   

Interesting Facts About Enterprise

Oldest Structure in Town 

The oldest structure in Enterprise is a water tower, that dates as far back as 1926.

Was Once Called Arden

The area occupied by Enterprise today began as an unincorporated community of miners in 1905. It’s still a part of Enterprise, about 7 miles southwest of Las Vegas. 

Fun Places to Visit In Enterprise

Enterprise might be a quaint suburban town but it is not far away from the best entertainment spots Las Vegas has to offer.  

Las Vegas Eiffel Tower    

The Vegas Eiffel Tower is a recreation of the famous landmark in Paris. It’s only a 30 minutes away from Enterprise and could be a wonderful perfect venue for a picturesque evening.

High Roller Observation Wheel

Visit the highest observation wheel in the world with 360 views of the Las Vegas Valley and the Las Vegas strip. It’s also a 30-minute drive from Enterprise and is close to other Vegas fun spots like the Belaggio, MGM Grand Hotel, Luxor and more. 

Potosi Park

The Potosi Park is a cool spot in Enterprise to enjoy a relaxing day. 

Miniature Golf

Enterprise offers so many miniature golf courses that you’ll hardly run out of options. Some of the best in the community are Rhodes Ranch Golf Club, Bali Hai Golf Club, Las Vegas Golf Center, the Aquarium at Silverton Casino, and many more.   

We Service All Areas in Enterprise

We buy houses in all Enterprise neighborhoods of Enterprise including, Arden, Southern Highlands, Mountain’s Edge, S Rainbow Boulevard, Mack, Mohawk Street, S Decatur Boulevard,  S Durango Drive, Robindale Road, and S Jones Boulevard. If you live anywhere in Enterprise and its environs, feel free to contact us for a cash offer. 

Sell Your Enterprise House Fast Today 

Looking for the best “cash for houses” buyer in Enterprise, Nevada? Want to sell your house in as fast as 7 days?! Nevada Cash Offer will buy your Enterprise house for cash without conditions. We fund our purchases in as little as 3 to 30 days. Contact us today to get a free cash offer or make inquiries about our process.

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    We buy houses in Nevada regardless of the condition. There are no commissions or fees incurred and repairs are handled at our expense. Get an offer today by furnishing us with a bit of information concerning your property. Or place a call to (725) 777-5585...