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We Buy Houses in Sparks

We Buy Sparks NV Houses in any Condition

We understand you may have had doubts about selling your house for cash in Paradise. But the truth is, it’s not for everyone, as we’ve made clear above. 

We buy ugly houses in Paradise, foreclosed homes, and help you sell fast if you need quick cash.  

Don’t hesitate to contact us to get your free cash offer. 

If you want to make any inquiry, you can call us on xxxx during business hours.

We Buy Houses in Sparks Nevada for Cash

We buy Sparks houses for 100% cash. We’ll buy your house as-is without contingencies and close. In fact, you can choose your own date to close. 

We buy houses in any condition for cash. Sell your house without repairs, bad tenants, or structural damage. We may not pay top dollar but we give a fair all cash offer that resonates with the condition of your house.

Why You Can Trust Nevada Cash Offer

We help homeowners provide bespoke solutions to sell their house in Paradise. It’s all about guiding you to the right decision, even if it means NOT selling with us. 

The goal is to sell your house at the best price and as quickly as possible. When you contact us, we’ll discuss your options. 

We, are Matthew Stark and Gaigan Saini of Patriot Cash Group. We buy houses for cash nationwide, including Sparks, Nevada. 

We are honest and reliable. We won’t sign the contract if we’re not able to fund it. In other words, we’re legitimate cash buyers, not brokers. 

Sell Your House in Sparks NV As-Is

Do you have a house that’s in bad shape and is hurting your chance of selling for top dollar?

We buy houses in Sparks in any condition and offer you a fair cash offer. It might not match or go over the market value of your house, but it’ll be a reasonable one. 

In your situation, selling with a real estate agent could prolong the sale. Normally, a Paradise house in mint-condition closes in 1-4 months. 

But with your house damaged and no drastic price drop, it could stay on the market 6 months to over a year. 

Not if you sell to Nevada Cash Offer. We buy

  • Houses with structural damage
  • Fire or water damage 
  • Foreclosure 
  • Want to sell fast 
  • Sell a house with lien

All you have to do is to talk to one of our experts about your options.

Sell Your House to Us or List With a Sparks Estate Agent?

Again, selling your house with a real estate agent is beneficial if it’s in great condition. You get the chance to sell close to or above market price.

On the other hand, cash buyers like us will buy your house faster. And we don’t charge commissions or fees. 

Have a look at the breakdown of these two methods yourself:

We Buy Sparks Nevada Houses 3x Faster Than Agents

We buy houses in Sparks within 7-14 days for cash. And we don’t charge fees or commission on the sale.

How do we do it? 

It’s pretty straightforward. But first, you need to make the first contact with one of our experts through phone or email. We’ll discuss the ways we can help you sell your house.

After the appointment, we’ll have our building experts come to your property for an inspection. It’s routine to help us estimate the cost of repairs and labor in your area. 

It could take us 3 days from the first point of call to the day of inspection. 

After the visit, we head back to prepare our cash offer keeping repair costs and a profit margin in mind. This is how we can send a win-win cash offer.

The ball is now in your court to accept or reject the offer. If you accept, our team will set up the closing date with a local title company. While we source for funds, you should go and arrange the necessary deed documents for closing. 

Assuming your deed is clear of errors and transferable, we can complete the transaction within a week. Otherwise it may drag on for a few more weeks.

Use Our 3-Step Process to Sell 3x Faster

We buy houses in the homely city of Sparks for cash. Our 3-step process is proof we can sell your house in any condition in less than 3 weeks. 

This is our fail-proof 3-step process: 

  • Talk to one of our experts about your situation 
  • Accept our cash offer 
  • Receive cash for your house

Perks of Selling Your Sparks House To Nevada Cash Offer

Selling with Nevada Cash Offer is swift and lucrative. 


One of the faster real estate transactions

We can take your house off your hands between 7-14 days. It’s much faster than selling with an agent, iBuyer, or MLS listing. 


Instant Cash — No Fails

Many cash buyers sell your contract to the highest bidder, and back out at the last minute if they don’t find a profitable deal. Meanwhile, we are property investors with reliable sources of funds. Be rest assured you’re receiving your offer in cash. 


Escape Extra Fees

We don’t charge a commission for helping you sell the house. We will buy your house directly and handle the closing costs. Ultimately, we’ll help you save over 10 percent on the final sale. 



We are property investors who buy houses nationwide. We don’t hide our identity or shy away from disclosing information over the phone. 

When you accept a cash offer from us, what you see is what you get — no disappointments, no last-minute haggle.


About Sparks, Nevada

Sparks is a friendly city in Washoe County, Nevada — 4 miles east of Reno. It’s the fifth most populous city in Nevada with a population estimate of over 108,000 by the USC in 2020.

The city started out as a switch yard for the South Atlantic Railroad Coop 1904. After the yard’s construction, the company bought a ravine, sold it cheaply, and offered to help workers move in for free. 

At first, the city was named “Herringham” after the president of the company. But was then changed to Sparks, in 1905 to honor governor of Nevada at the time, John Sparks.

Citizens continue to enjoy this railroad heritage till today nicknaming Sparks, “Rail Road City.” 

Sparks is so close to Reno that they are often referred to as Reno-Sparks metropolitan area


Fun Facts About Sparks

Founded As A Switchyard

Sparks was established in 1904 when the Southern Pacific Railroad built a switchyard — like a rail car assembly — in the area. The town was later incorporated on March 25, 1905. 


Named After the Governor

The city of Sparks was first named Herringham, after the president of the Southern Pacific Railroad company. 

A year later in 1905, the city was named after Nevada governor, John Sparks. And that’s how we got the name of present day Sparks.

Fun Spots to Visit in Sparks

Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-Off

Every labor day, thousands of barbecue buffs from Reno and Sparks storm Victoria Avenue for the largest grilling competition in North America — Best In The West Nugget Rib Cook-Off. 

Visitors devour over 200,000 pounds of ribs prepared by some of the best cooks in the West of the country.

The best part about this event is, attendance is free. 


Axe and Throw 

Love shooting out at gun ranges? Archery? Perhaps aiming the bull’s eye on the less intense dart board? 

You’ll love the Axe and Throw recreation center in Sparks. It’s just what it sounds like: Throwing axes, but safely at wooden targets. Like cultured vikings. 

And it’s safe than you think. Axe and Throw Axeperts give a safety training before the game and take preventive measures. No spectators or open shoes allowed. 

But it is a fun adrenaline-filled place to visit in Sparks. 


Wild Island Family Adventure Water Park

The Wild Island Family Adventure Water Park is the only waterpark in the Reno-Sparks area. 

It’s open in summer to the whole family. It offers many fun thrill rides like the Little Lagoon, G-Force, Eye of the Dragon, Black Widow, and Red Viper slide.

And best believe they are as fun as they sound. When you’re not frolicking in water slides, you play miniature golf, pool, or visit the bowling alley Wild Island Water Park. 


Nugget Casino Resort 

Nugget Casino Resort 

Spot the beaming highrise building? 

If you’re feeling lucky in Sparks, the Nugget Casino Resort is where you should be. The resort is a 29-story twin tower building — tallest in Sparks — on Downtown sparks.

It’s open 24 hours with games like Poker Room, blackjack, roulette, video poker, slots and craps. 


Mustang Ranch 

The Mustang Ranch is the world’s largest ranch founded by Joe Conforte. 

It may be unsavory to most conservative folks, but Sparks has the largest legal brothel in the world.

Sell Your Sparks NV House Today

Selling your house in Sparks fast has never been easier.

If you’re ready to sell within a few weeks and receive cash, don’t hesitate. Talk to us about the situation of your property and we’ll prepare an offer within 48 hours. 

It’s all at no cost to you. And you do NOT enter a contract unless you accept our cash offer.

We Buy Houses All Over Sparks

We buy properties in all Washoe County Cities including: Sparks, Cold Springs, Crystal Bay, Verdi, Sun Valley, Gerlach, Incline Village, Spanish Springs, Wadsworth, Sutcliffe, Mogul, Nixon, Lemmon Valley-Golden Valley.