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We Buy Houses in Las Vegas


We Buy Houses in Las Vegas, NV

Selling a Las Vegas house is not a walk in the park. But some homeowners want to sell as fast as possible. 

Many homeowners only stay for a while or move to another state suddenly to start a job. 

 Of course, cash is king not just in the casinos but for some homeowners. If your home is nearing foreclosure and you’ve lost your job, you need cash in your hands — fast!

We believe nobody deserves to lose their house. 

At Nevada Cash Offer, we proffer win-win solutions to Las Vegas homeowners. We buy houses in Las Vegas with structural damage, legal issues, and tax problems in 7-21 days. We even buy houses with zero equity and give a small compensation so you don;t move out empty handed.


How We’ll Buy Your Las Vegas House In Less Than Two Weeks 

The first step starts with you if you want to sell your Las Vegas house fast. We’ll need you to contact us with details about your property to grasp what’s in store.  

You can fill this form with your info or contact us via a phone call. We’re always ready to assess your situation even if you have cold feet about selling. 

All of the above will happen within 24 hours. After that we’ll request an appointment for one of our experts to visit your property. It’s due diligence on our part to confirm the situation of the house. 

If we like what we see, we’ll get back to you with a written no-obligation offer. As soon as you accept our offer, we start working to get cash in your hands.  

The title company will prepare necessary documents to transfer the title to us. If everything goes smoothly, we close the deal in 7 days. Otherwise, the transaction may last 14 to 28  days.


Why You Should Sell Us Your House in Las Vegas 

We are property investors who genuinely look forward to buying “ugly” houses. There’s no discrimination about location, curb appeal or such attention to detail like traditional buyers. 

As long as your house is standing on a foundation, we’re ready to buy. And we do it in quick fashion — all cash. 

In short, these are benefits you stand to gain from  selling with us 


Not Real Estate Agents

We are not realtors and don’t charge a fee on the final sale price. What you see (cash offer) is what you get. This alone saves you cost on agent fees, staging, and closing. 


No Repairs 

Not everyone is in the right place to repair and stage a house. Or care about increasing market value as much as selling fast. And that’s fine. We’ll buy your house in any condition — even if it’s a hoarder house.  


Close At Your Convenience 

Our team works tirelessly to close the sale within a week. But if you prefer to close at a certain date for personal reasons, we can make that work. 


Quick Cash

Do you need cash to stay afloat, travel, move, or get out of a situation? We can get cash in your hands as fast as 7 days if your papers are clear. 


No Extra Fees 

You already know we don’t charge a commission on the sale. But neither do we charge application fees for our cash offer to you. 


No Sign Up and Annoying Emails 

All you need to get our service is to give us a call. Alternatively, you can fill in the contact with details of your property. We’ll never send you annoying emails pushing you to sell your house.  


Trust And Integrity 

We understand the internet is full of scammers and you may have your fears. But we’re a national veteran-owned business with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. It will be impossible for us to stay in business if we ever breach your trust.  

Selling To Nevada Cash Offer Vs A Realtor 

How We Buy Your House Without Charging Commissions and Fees

We are property investors — something of large-scale flippers. We buy houses with minor or major issues with hopes of making profit when we renovate it. 

 And we put this into consideration when we submit a cash offer for your house. In other words, we deduct the cost to repair/rehabilitate/clear your house. Also, we adjust the offer for profit when we resell — about 10-15 percent.

What do you lose? We see it as the cost of doing business. Typically, it amounts to 30% off the market value of your home if it were in move-in condition.


Save Up To 70 Days When You Sell Your Las Vegas House To Us

Selling your house in Las Vegas on the open market takes about 90 days until closing. About two-three weeks to receive an offer and one month plus to close the deal.  

Renovating the house also takes time and money — luxuries which you likely don’t have the luxury at the moment. 

Not to mention that you have to stage the house, host showings, and go through an appraisal.


We Service All Of Las Vegas 

We buy houses from Downtown Las Vegas to Clark County. Our team will work around the clock to sell your house as fast as we can or to your convenience. 

Our service area in Las Vegas include Summerlin, Paseo, Green Valley North, Canyon Gate Master, Gibson Springs, Southern Highlands, Skye Canyon, Rhodes Ranch, Mountains Edge, Aliante, Centennial Hills, Tule Springs, Meadow Village, Anthem, Green Valley Ranch.  

Essentially, we are ready to buy your house in any area of Vegas


About Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas” is Spanish for “The Marshes,” owing to the grassy meadows it was once covered in. Most of which paved the way for today’s bright streets, gigantic hotels, and high-roller casinos . 

And is now dubbed the entertainment capital of the world. While the casinos and hotels play a big role in its a, that’s not all the city is about. 

Las Vegas is not an entertainment hub, but is also the economic and population center of the state of Nevada. Again, not a surprise for a place crammed with almost half of the world’s largest hotels. 

Popularly known as the brightest spot on earth, Las Vegas never sleeps. Or at least The Strip — where you’d find most of its casinos — never sleeps. In fact, Downtown Las Vegas is essentially catered for guests, not locals. The shining star attracts over 40 million visitors yearly alone. 

Beyond  “the Strip” is an ordinary western countryside. Where you’d find its bustling suburbs and quaint neighbourhoods.

A sad piece of fact many overlook is that Vegas is also the capital of crime and addictions in the United States. If you’re trying to get away from it all, we can buy your house to help you move on with your life.  


Key Housing Market Stats In Las Vegas 

The following are recent stats in research by Roofstock


  • Home value has increased by more than 20 percent over the past two years

  • The median listing price of a home per square feet is $226 

  • The best neigborhoods in Las Vegas are Sun City Summerlin, Lone Mountain, North Cheyenne 

  • Of all neighborhoods, the Paseos is the most expensive with an average listing £799,500

  • Single family homes make up more than 63 percent of housing units. 


Socio-Economic Environment in Las Vegas 

Las Vegas is a fun town and top vacation destination in the United States. But there’s more to Vegas than bright lights, rides, booze, pool, and fancy hotels. 

Take the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Center for example. It’s the exact opposite of Sin City. Dry, quiet, and natural. Las Vegas offers more natural sites like the Spring Mountains, Spotted, and Pintwater mountains. 

And for some reason, Las Vegas is a magnet for conventions. It hosts 60 out of the 200 largest conventions in the U.S. and more than 20,000 conventions annually! That’s a U.S record too. 


Fun Facts About Las Vegas 

The City Of Lights

Did you know Las Vegas is home to the brightest spot on earth?   

And it’s in none other than the Vegas Strip — home ground of the classiest hotels and casinos.

For comparison, its brightness casts a shadow on the tarmacs of the McCarran Airport  and Nellis Airforce Base. 

We can see this clearly in an image shot from the International Space Station with a Nikon camera. 


The Home of Conventions 

Las Vegas might be the entertainment capital of the world but is also an education hub. ‘S also the top trade show destination in the U.S for 22 years and counting.  

The city hosts about 60 out of the 200 largest conventions in the United States.  

And welcomes over 20,000 meetings annually. These numbers also top the country’s ratings.  

Also noteworthy of mention is the rise of hotel and accommodation prices when attendees are in town. Even though it’s during weekdays. You can use your home as an AirBnB during this period. 


Tallest Observation Center

Offering fun, fine dining, and gambling is the Strat Hotel, Casino, and Skypod. It’s a 1,148 ft observation tower with a revolving rooftop restaurant and thrill rides atop. 

Imagine getting sling-shot a thousand feet into the sky. 

In typical Vegas fashion, it has a casino and shopping mall at its base. The Stratosphere complex is located in Naked City — one of the many locations where we buy houses in Las Vegas. 


Undisputed Casino Empire

When the word “casino” or “gambling” comes to mind, Las Vegas is next. And rightfully so too.  

There are more than 150 casinos in the city alone.  That’s more than all the casinos in Oklahoma — a state with second highest number of casinos in the U.S. 

The Las Vegas strip alone is a 4.2 mile line of hotels and casinos, which is considered the world’s largest adult playground. But ironically, it is located in Clark County, outside of Vegas city limits. 


The Egyptian Rival 

Luxor is a Vegas hotel and casino with architectural structures that lock horns with Egyptian monuments.

It’s a 110 ft sphinx sky beam, taller than the Great Sphinx of Giza. You can see the powerful beam piercing thousands of feet into the sky from miles away. The heat and light attracts moths, bats, and nocturnal raptors, giving it a cryptic vibe.

Just behind the human-headed lion, is the Luxor Pyramid. Standing 350 feet tall, it’s one of the largest in the world — only two pyramids of Giza are taller. 

To take a photo of the Sphinx with the pyramid in the background, go in the morning. 

Sell Your Las Vegas House Now

Are you considering selling your Las Vegas house? What’s holding you up? 

Contact us now. We can talk things over to give you clarity about your options. You can try us out at no cost or obligation. We’ll send you a no-obligation cash offer within a day.