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We Buy Houses in Henderson, NV

We Buy Houses in Henderson, NV

Sell your house fast in Henderson to us for 100% cash. We buy houses in any condition and always send a reasonable offer. 

Our service costs zero dollars on your part. We don’t charge any application fee or commission on the final sale price. What’s more, we close the sale within 7 days – under a month if there are hiccups. 

Cash Buyers You Can Trust

We understand it takes courage and trust to deal with an online “cash buyer.”  Nevada Cash Offer is a subsidiary of Patriot Group, a nationwide cash for houses company. 

Our company is founded on trust and integrity of our clients in our owners — Matt and Sanjay. Both of them are god-fearing fathers with a family and a veteran. 

We’ve bought hundreds of houses over the decade and make you one of our proud and satisfied sellers. 

We make money when you accept our cash offer and we resell for a profit. Helping you sell your house is a win-win solution for us. You sell fast, we buy and resell, and we both make money.

Sell Your House In Henderson, NV As-Is For Cash

The open housing market is a different playing field. 

If you want to sell a house with physical damage, it goes two ways: you either accept a contingency to make repairs or a lowball offer. 

Say no, and your house stays on the market for too long.

Not with Nevada Cash Offer. We jump at the opportunity to buy houses with complications — both minor and major ones. 

Now, we don’t preach that it doesn’t come at a price. We calculate costs of repairs and a bit of profit into our offer.

But we won’t waste your time like when you sell to other buyers. We’ll get a cash offer in your hands as fast as 2 days and close in a week or two. 

Sell your in Henderson with these conditions:

  • Foreclosure

  • Divorce settlement 

  • Bad tenants 

  • Probate 

  • Liens 

  • Fast relocation

Sell Your Henderson to Nevada Cash Offer vs Traditional Sale

The average real estate agent in Henderson charges 4-6% commission on the sale of your house. And if you choose a specialist, for example, a probate real estate agent, you may pay up to 10%.

Again, we don’t charge you a dollar if you contact us or sell your property to us. 

How We'll Buy Your Henderson House 3x Faster

Selling your Henderson house fast is all in your hands.


You must contact us first before we can get to work. 

Enter the first point of contact through mail or phone. We get back to you within a day or two and discuss a date for visitation. Some experts we’ll be on ground to assess the situation of the house. 

In return, we’ll send you a no-obligation cash offer as soon as possible. This means, you don’t have to accept or pay a fee for rejecting it. 

If you do accept, you can rest easy at this point. Go gather your title papers and necessary documents for closing. We usually hire a reputable Henderson title company to handle the sale closing.

We start working financing the transaction and get cash in your hands within a week. It only takes longer if there’s an issue(s) with the title documents. But it never takes longer than a few weeks.

Our 3-Step Process to Buy Henderson Homes 3x Faster

We maintain a simple process to sell your home faster than our competitors — agents and iBuyers. 

Our 3-step process could get you to the closing stage within 7 days. 

What we do is: 

  • Get your property information through mail or phone call. 

  • Set up a visiting day for inspection. 

  • Send you a cash offer and select the closing date

Once that’s done, we ravage our coffers to fund the sale on closing day.


Why You Should Sell Your Henderson NV House To Us

Sell faster

We will buy your Henderson house in less than a month. That’s more than half the time it’ll take to sell with a professional agent, move-in condition house, and a strong seller’s market. 

These factors don’t affect the speed of the sales when you deal with us.


Get a cash offer — no disappointments 

We are cash buyers, which means we don’t depend on banks to fund the transaction.

That helps us cut out many time-wasting protocols, like appraisal and contingencies. More importantly, you won’t have to worry about us backing out at the last minute.  


No Realtor Fees

We want our sellers to feel they sold their house in a win-win situation. 

Aside from closing fast, we don’t charge any commission on the sale. That way, you still have money in your pockets even if you owe a lot on the house or suffered major damage. 

As a result, we don’t charge commissions or application fees. What we send you is a take-it-or-leave-it offer which includes the cost of repairs and our profit.     


Sell As-Is

Sell your house without repairing or moving out garbage belongings. We understand it’s not always convenient to do this, especially if you inherited a property out of state. 

Not to worry. We’ll pay good cash for your trash.  


Trustworthy and Reliable 

Our promise is our life source. 

We’ll be out of business if we so much as scam a dollar out of one of our customers. One of our co-owners is a veteran, and both are Christian men who love to spend time with their family. 

Nevada Cash Offer has helped hundreds of homeowners sell their houses for cash. We don’t send offers we can’t fulfil. 

About Henderson, Nevada

Henderson is cradled between Las Vegas and Boulder City in Clark County — southeastern Nevada. 

It has a rich history as the industrial capital of Nevada. In 1937,Senator Patrick McCarran convinced president Franklin Roosevelt to fund a mining company, Basic Magnesium Inc.,  to supply magnesium during World War II.

Eventually, the company started production in 1941. Magnesium was combined with alloys like aluminium to manufacture planes, flares and ammunition.

The city wasn’t created until 1942 as a housing settlement for workers at the plant. And it was named after U.S Senator Charles Henderson. It was just a desert below Clark County at the time. 

Although the factory shut down after the war, closing the city’s magnesium chapter. The golden city of Henderson still produces titanium and heavy chemicals for commercial and defence purposes today.


Fun Facts About Henderson

Second Largest City In Nevada

Henderson might have a small town vibe, but is the second most populous city in Nevada. It has a population of over 352,000 from the latest US Census (2022) estimates.  

One Of the Safest Cities to Live In  

In 2011, Forbes ranked Henderson the second safest city to live in the U.S. And also by the F.B.I. in 2014. 

Not much has changed in the city ever since. Henderson is a small town with top-of-the-line amenities and a population of high median income earners.


 World War II Magnesium Supplier

During WWII, Henderson was the main supplier of Magnesium to the United States. The Basic Magnesium Plant was built in 1937 to produce magnesium for the federal government. 

They produced over 160,000,000 ingots of magnesium before shutting down in 1944 as it was no longer needed. 

City of Walkers

Henderson is one of the top 5 cities for walking/hiking in the United States. The city has a massive 33-mile walking trail with thousands of routes to follow. 

Top Places to Visit in Henderson

The golden city of Nevada may not offer the variety of “Sin City” but sure has fun places to visit. 

Lion Habitat Ranch

Experience the king of the jungle in a sanctuary built for your eyes. 

The Lion Habitat in Henderson houses over 40 lions from full maned males to cute and cuddly cubs. Get a chance to feed them and  Ozzie the Giraffe on the premises. 

You can take a private tour of the facility and get one-on-one conversations with staff about the animals. 

It’s a mini safari experience in the desert city of Henderson — family friendly. The ranch is located on the dirt road of 382 Bruner Avenue, Henderson, Nevada.  


Cowabunga Bay Water Park

 The Cowabunga Water Bay Park is a summer destination with splashes of fun.  

One ticket gives you a summer-long pass to fun  water slides and tubes in the Henderson and Summerlin parks. You also get an inclusive pass to the Cowabunga Canyon! 


Bowl of Fire

This desert with arched sandstones, weathered creeks, and red rocks dotting the land. 

The fascinating backdrop is what earns it the uncanny name, “Bowl of Fire.” And looks like a smaller version of the Valley of Fire park in Las Vegas. 

If you love rocks and hiking the wilderness, the Bowl of Fire is one place you should visit in Henderson.


We Buy Houses Anywhere in Henderson City

Our service area in the beautiful city of Henderson is extensive. We buy houses in Anthem, Paradise Hills, Green Valley North, Valley, McCullough Hills, Westgate, Green Valley South, Black Mountain, Macdonald Range, or Valley View.

That’s not to say we don’t shop in other areas. As long as it’s standing on its foundation and is in Henderson, we’re ready to buy your house.


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