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North Las Vegas

We Buy Houses for Cash in North Las Vegas in 3 Weeks 

We buy ugly, foreclosed houses in North Las Vegas faster than any other outlet. We pay cash for all houses without requesting contingencies. 

Nevada Cash Offer will take your home off your hands within 7 days to 3 weeks.


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North Las Vegas Cash Buyers You Can Trust 

Nevada Cash Offer is a national cash buyer from California with over a decade of experience helping homeowners in North Las Vegas. 

Our cash offers have helped hundreds of residents sell houses with structural damage, move out hastily, and escape foreclosure. 

We buy North Las Vegas houses with a simple procedure that eliminates traditional transactions’ stress and delay. You have to make an appointment, have one show, and close fast. 

We don’t charge any fees. No commissions. 

When you call, someone’s always at the other end with vital information, unlike other North Las Vegas cash buyers. We have actual names — Matthew Stark and Gagan Saini. 

We are property investors. When we buy your house, we renovate it and flip it for a higher price or rent it out. 

We are NOT wholesalers or a brokerage.  


Sell Your North Las Vegas House in Any Condition

We buy houses in North Las Vegas in any condition. As long as it’s still standing — maybe even not — we’re ready to pay cash for your house. 

Our specialty may be buying ugly houses, but we don’t shy away from houses in top drawer condition. We make a fair cash offer that you can take or leave. No hassle. No commission. 

Without a doubt, the offer is a tad lower than traditional sales offers. It’s not for everybody to do. Still, we try to give you cash that’s reasonable for the value of your home.

We buy houses in these conditions.

  • Foreclosure 
  • Sell with flood damage 
  • Sell fast to handle divorce settlement 
  • Destroyed by a natural disaster
  • Sold to the 
  • Get out of a pesky neighborhood fast 
  • Handle a life situation — debt settlement or job relocation.

We know these situations are stressful, so we’ll help you facilitate a quick, hassle-free sale.  


We Buy Your North Las Vegas House to Avoid Foreclosure 

Is your house getting foreclosed on?

Don’t let it bother you. 

We buy houses with cash in North Las Vegas fast. This can be your resolution to save you of the emotional trauma and permanent stain on your financial record.  

Losing your home to the bank or borrower is traumatizing. It’s not only about having your most prized assets snatched away from you but also the helpless as the foreclosing months close in. 

Not to mention the permanent stain on your financial credit record. The worse part is, the higher(better) your credit score, the worse a foreclosure hits. You can drop by 100-160 points with an excellent record. 

Terrible right? 

What if you could get cash for your house in 2-3 weeks? It’ll be the solution to get you out of this financial rut. 

We’ll buy your North Las Vegas house for 100% cash — in any condition. We don’t charge commissions, but we deduct the cost of repairs. It’s not the top dollar, but it will help you out of a foreclosure with the means to plan for your future. 

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We Buy Your North Las Vegas House Faster Than Agents 

Sometimes, selling your house fast is the priority, other than at a competitive price above market value. 

When it comes to selling super-fast, we’re your ±1 choice. We can take your house off your hands in 7 days but give an estimate of 2-3 weeks. It takes a number of open houses to sell too. Meanwhile, you could wait 1-3 months to finalize a sale through an agent. 

We don’t ask for repairs or require a clean house to make an offer. That cuts down the time to clean, renovate, and prepare the house for an agent. 

Furthermore, you can save on commissions or application fees. Our service — cash offer — is free. However, agents in NLV will charge 3-6% on commissions.

Nevada Cash Offer is your best cash buyer in North Las Vegas if all you want is to sell quickly with a reasonable offer. Not bothered about selling below market value.


Save 70 Days When You Sell Your North Las Vegas House To Us For Cash

We can buy your North Las Vegas house as fast as 7 days to 3 weeks. That’s up to 70 days faster than the average time it takes to sell a house — 90 days.

It’s not rocket science. If you’ve found yourself looking for a cash buyer, your home isn’t in tip-top shape. Or you need to sell fast to handle a personal situation. 

With that out of the way, we can talk about your options fairly when you call us in. It takes only a few minutes of your time. Although we only operate during business hours, expect a response within minutes, but no longer than 48 hours. 

After the first call, we’ll set a visitation date to inspect your property. If we love it — we almost always do — we’ll prepare you a cash offer. 

It’ll be a calculation of your market value, cost of repairs, and our profit. You could expect an offer up to 30 percent below fair market value (FMV). 

We’ll prepare the closing with our designated title company or even one you recommend. 


You’ll have sold your North Las Vegas house faster and easier than you could imagine — without agents, listing, or commissions. 

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We Use A Proven 3-Step Process to Sell 3x Faster

We promise a great deal when we say we’ll buy your house in less than 3 weeks. And we stand by it religiously as long as you’ve prepared the necessary title documents. 

With that said, our 3-step process does the magic. It’s nothing special, but the process lets us always know what we’re doing. This process simplifies all the hard work that goes into buying your house for cash in a short time.

  • Contact Us 
  • Receive Cash Offer 
  • Get Cash 


Benefits of Selling Your House to Us For Cash in North Las Vegas

Sell Faster 

Our main service is to buy your house faster than you can anywhere else. So if you’re looking to sell within 2-3 weeks, contact Nevada Cash Offer. 

Sell for Cash Without Stress

We are legitimate cash buyers that pay cash for houses, not wholesalers or contract flippers. What you see in your cash offer is what you get at closing — no delays or last-minute haggling.

Sell As-Is

Don’t want to touch a thing before selling your NLV house? Not a problem. We’ll buy your house if it’s dirty, thrashed, or needs repairs — big or small. 

No Realtor Fees

Sell your house for cash without paying commissions and application fees. You’re already at a loss selling below market value. We don’t want to add extra charges to it. We want to work with you in a win-win transaction. 

Transparent Service 

Don’t fear getting scammed. We use our preferred and reputable title company in North Las Vegas but can also work with your choice.  


About North Las Vegas 

North Las Vegas isn’t just a place or town north of Las Vegas. It’s a city of its own with a teeming population of over 250,000, a rich history, and a spectacular environment. 

In 1919, Thomas Williams founded the city to escape the craziness in Las Vegas. He built a house on his 160-acre land, sunk a well, and expanded roads and power lines. Later he built a complex that included a grocery store, post office, and the town’s first telephone. 

About 5 years later, the city saw a large influx of Hoover Dam workers who weren’t in touch with Las Vegas. 

The town saw more progress and needed an administration that wasn’t just Williams. In 1932, a town advisory board to assist voted a name for the town — Vegas Verde. But was changed months later to North Las Vegas in the opportunistic vote.   

North Las Vegas was finally incorporated as a city by Clark County in 1942 after many annexation attempts by Las Vegas. 


Fun Facts About North Las Vegas

The “Old Town” has some interesting facts you probably didn’t about until now. 

Savior Pilot 

Over 50 years ago, an American pilot, Raynor Herbert, crash-landed his F-150 jet into residential homes to save 800 Lincoln Elementary School students.

He chose to eject from the plane or crash it ahead into the residential area. Herbert chose the latter. The jet crashed into 9 homes, killing him and four residents on Lenwood Avenue. 

The city of North Las Vegas created a Herbert Memorial Park with a plaque at the crash site. 

Speakeasy Tunnel in Christian Town 

During the prohibition era, North las Vegas had a series of underground tunnels connected to speakeasies. The town’s religious founder, Thomas Williams, was unaware. It earned the town the nickname “Old Town.” 

Home of Aerial Marksmanship Training During WWII

The Army Air Forces opened an aerial gunnery school where the person was trained in marksmanship.

Annexation Battle

Las Vegas tried multiple times to annex North Las Vegas until it was incorporated as a city in 1947. 

Ironically, North Las Vegas resorts to annex other towns down the line, including Sunrise Manor. But they successfully annexed 60 square miles of wilderness surrounding the city for an upscale housing project. 


Places to Visit in North Las Vegas

The city of North Las Vegas may be away from the razzmatazz of Las Vegas, but it holds its fun things to do. Located just at the northern edge of the Las Vegas valley, you have many outdoor options.

Tule Springs Fossil Beds

Tule Springs Fossil Beds is one right way to do it in North Las Vegas if you love the outdoors. 

It’s a 22,000-acre area recently named a National Monument for having the largest concentration of Ice Age fossils in the world. 

Even though the area is nothing but desertland now, it was once a fertile land where prehistoric animals lived. Scientists have found fossils of mammoths, saber-toothed cats, camelop, llama, and dire wolves. 

Nellis Dunes 

Make the best of Nevada’s desert climate riding UTVs at the Nellis Dunes Off-Highway Vehicle Area. 

It’s 10,000 acres of off-road desert terrain where you can ride your personal UTV or rent at the Las Vegas ATV & UTV Tours. 

Nellis Air Force Base 

The eLas Vegas  Gunnery School Was converted into Nellis Air Force Base. The base is now the headquarters of the U.S Air Force Warfare Center, which is considered the most advanced air combat in the world. 

Unfortunately, you can only get in the base if you’re sponsored by someone with an installation pass.  

Aliante Nature Discovery Park

Easily the most popular park in the city, the Aliante National  Park is rated number 3 on the top things to do in North Las Vegas by Trip Advisor. 

It’s a serene 20-acre park with recreational sports facilities, water bodies, and a dino-themed children’s playground. 

Adults can walk around the pond or sit and watch the waterfall with ducks, turtles, and geese frolicking. Kids also can play on the swings and slides in the dino playground or hunt for dino bones in the sandpit. 

Las Vegas Motor Speedway and Exotics Racing 

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is a haven for car races and supercar fanatics in Nevada. 

Electronic Daisy Carnival 

This is the largest party event in North Las Vegas and arguably the biggest electronic dance party in the US.

Guess what? 

It’s hosted in the famous Las Vegas Motor Speedway with lights and colors rivaling the Las Vegas strip. 


Sell Your House in North  Las Vegas Now

Are you ready to sell your North Las Vegas home fast for cash? 

Don’t hesitate any longer before it’s too late. We can make you a reasonable offer to get along and handle your situation on time. 

Don’t trust us completely? 

It doesn’t matter. We are still looking forward to getting in touch. If we are the perfect fit for each other, we’ll send you an offer ASAP.

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We Buy Houses All Over North Las Vegas 

We’ve been servicing the North Las Vegas neighborhood long enough to buy anywhere in the city. We’ll buy your house in Wann, Lovell, Northridge, Dike, and Valley.


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